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Ashford Gardeners, Inc. takes pride in the work we perform for our clients and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

In 1995 we embarked on our landscaping careers by first attending the University of Georgia Horticulture School majoring in Landscape and Grounds Management. We also continued working throughout school, George for Jennings Mill Country Club, Southern Designs Landscape Company and Piccadilly Farm and Ed worked at the State Botanical Gardens and Cofers Home & Garden.

Our parents’ original home was near Ashford, Kent, England, therefore we found it to be a fitting name for our company, which we successfully launched in March of 1999.

Ashford Gardeners, Inc. currently employs several trained horticulturists to help manage our growing business. We also employ licensed fertilization / pesticide applicators. We operate install and maintenance crews. We strive to provide the finest landscaping service in the Southeastern United States and are dedicated to customer satisfaction.


George Whittle and Ed Whittle

Ashford Gardeners is a proud member of the following associations:

Urban AG Council
Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce
Southern Nursery Association

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